The Estate Agent’s Marketing budget...
is a constant challenge!
Maximising Return on That Investment...
is a bigger challenge!
This is how we Maximise Your Return.

Idilicom Expert Campaign Structures

Google Campaigns are what we specialise in for our Real Estate clients.

We are not web developers or SEO service providers.

Our expertise empowers us to achieve significant Search Term Discounts from Google.

This means more Page One Prominence resulting in more active buyers to your website for your Budget, for which we provide a money back guarantee.  

Significantly Increasing Probability of Enquiries

Positioning you on Page One Google, alongside or above the top portals of

Kyero & Rightmove, from where they get virtually all of their enquiries.

This attracts hundreds of additional potential buyers to your website every month.

With Idilicom Google Campaigns you are not just part of the show... You Are The Show

Unlike Portals where your properties represent a small percentage of the total properties shown,

A visitor from Google to your website will see your properties... Exclusively

Presenting all of your properties, not just a Portal Price Band Limit

Many Agents upload only a percentage of their properties to the Portals, often for budget reasons.

Unlike Portals, every visitor Google sends to your website can view all of your propertiesnot just those uploaded to the Portals within a portal cost package.

If you are only showing half of your total properties on a portal, a Google Page One Campaign realistically doubles your opportunities of receiving enquiries​.

Focusing buyers on your properties exclusively

Unlike a Portal, When buyers click to enquire about a property on your website, they are not then invited to also receive similar properties of your competitors.

Adding to your Brand Awareness and status

Buyers search Google many times for the same areas. 

This means that they see your name alongside and above the biggest names, many times over, further embelishing your brand in people's minds.


Increasing probability of winning Vendor Instructions
Not only does 1st page prominence add to your Brand Awareness and Status, it inspires Vendor's confidence in listing their property with you… Unlike a Portal

The Most Focused AudienceTargeting

Unlike Advertising on Radio, Press, Roadside Billboards etc…

On 1st page Google, virtually everyone is looking to buy property now or in the future.

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